ProGuard uses a proprietary system that sanitizes and purifies air to grow clean cannabis. Destroy molds, mildews, and VOCs -- creating "Clean Air" in Indoor Grows & Greenhouses.

ProGuard Technology with MCITM will help you pass Cannabis Regulations by significantly reducing CFUs without damaging your product quality.

 We currently work with many of the largest medical cannabis producers in the US and Canada to help them pass regulations. Our customers get amazing results using the ProGuard Air and Surface Sanitization Technology to help them grow clean pharma-grade cannabis, with reduced Colony Forming Units (CFUs). This proprietary technology significantly improves MMJ Producers QA processes, so they achieve extraordinary results by reducing bacteria, molds, botrytis, and all types of pathogens.
You can stop cross contamination using this University Tested air and surface sanitization system. Cultivators use ProGuard to sanitize grow rooms, trim rooms, processing rooms, dry and cure rooms, and HVAC ducts and supply air.  The ProGuard Technology has been lab tested with proven results that show a micro organisms kill rate  99.9%. It is a cost effective — easy to use system, that helps decontaminate your facility 24X7.
Innovative Solutions also has significant experience in the food safety business, which helps growers produce “clean” oil extracts with low CFU Levels. We design, engineer, and install sanitization systems for cannabis grows of all types and sizes.

Learn how you can protect your valuable cannabis crop using ProGuard with MCITM 

ProGuard helps growers who are concerned about mold, mildew, and other pathogens that can seriously damage their valuable cannabis crop.
Our Customers are amazed how ProGuard helps them grow healthy, quality product by providing a “Clean Air” environment.
ProGuard sanitization helps growers produce “Clean” products with reduced CFUs to help them pass regulations, without damaging terpenes or CBDs.

Sanitizing Technology