What Customers Say about the amazing results they have achieved using ProGuard Sanitization  

Stash House
“There are a lot of products that claim to help with preventing mold and mildew but after conducting our own due diligence we found the ProGuard Technology to clearly be the most effective product on the market. It did an amazing job at reducing mold and mildew in our grow rooms and significantly lowered the microbial CFU levels which has enabled us to consistently surpass our mandatory microbial tests. Innovative Solutions  ProGuard Sanitization Technology is a game changer in managing contaminants in the Cannabis industry.” John G., Stash House, Denver, CO
A.C. International Pharma
“We implement state-of-the-art technologies and we are excited about including the Innovative Solutions ProGuard System throughout our facility. We have been very impressed with the technology and it’s ability to reduce molds and bacteria and plan on continuing to implement this technology in our future construction process.
Mike DAmbra and Gary Mancini and their team at Innovative Solutions were very helpful in working with us to meet our requirements and goals. They took the time to understand our needs, design and engineer a system, and then implement a solution that we were happy with. The product was received quickly, and was easy to implement and install with the help of the Innovative Solutions team.  We would like to express confidence in Innovative Solutions, and would like to extend a sincere recommendation of the ProGuard Sanitization Technology for any cannabis projects. We look forward to working with the Innovative Solutions team on all of our future projects.” — Mike H., Chief Horticulturalist
InPlanta Biology 
 “By using the ProGuard Technology in grow rooms, we were able to reduce the levels of molds such as Botrytis, which resulted in a reduction of bud rot. Implementation of this technology resulted in a significant reduction of CFUs which were verified in a blind lab test. Based on our results, I am convinced that the ProGuard Technology should be used by every Indoor Grower as part of a complete QA program.  I have not encountered another technology that can reduce microbial levels as effectively while maintaining the integrity of the product.” — Dr. H. PhD, Molecular Biology & Genetics 
Nova Scotia R&D Cannabis
“I am an award winning grower with 1st place results in both the Karma Cup and Harvest Cup competitions in Ontario, Canada. I am very impressed with the results I have achieved using the Innovative Solutions ProGuard Purification Technology. I have been able to reduce my SOP cleaning processes since I installed the technology. Now the treated air is actually used as a cleaning agent, rather than before installation when the air was actually distributing the contaminates and pathogens. There has been no negative impact on my plants or the finished products using the technology. In fact I believe that the ProGuard Sanitization Technology actually has had a positive impact on my plant’s health and garden’s productivity.” — Mike K.., Nova Scotia R&D Cannabis