ProGuard Sanitization Increases Shelf Life, Food Freshness, and Quality

Grocery store Food Loss (shrink) is costly and a major challenge in a competitive industry with tight margins. Ethylene gas is a VOC that is generated by certain fruits and vegetables and can cause early ripening and decreases the shelf life of produce & vegetable products. The ProGuard Technology reduces food decaying Mold and Mildew and prevents Ethylene buildup which significantly increases the shelf life of produce and reduce shrink loss.

Benefits Include:

  • Extends shelf life of produce, meats and fish by up to 2x
  • Maintains food freshness & quality
  • Significantly reduce food loss
  • Attacks Mold, Viruses, and Bacteria
  • Reduces VOC’s including Ethylene, which spoil food
  • Automated 24 X 7 System – No Maintenance

“Food Safety and Reduced Costs are our highest concerns.  After installing the ProGuard Technology we experienced a significant reduction of food loss shrinkage.”
Genarro D. — General Manager