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Do you have units for home growers with small rooms or grow tents?

Yes. The DXM Mini covers up to 250 sf and is designed for smaller grow and dry room areas and will work great for small rooms and grow tents.

Is the technology scalable for large facilities?

Yes. Our products can be scaled to effectively cover and protect any size room or facility. It is used in all types of facilities including Cannabis indoor and greenhouse, Commercial office, Industrial, Manufacturing, Restaurants, Schools, etc.

Is this technology safe?

Yes, ProGuard ™  uses an “organic” process that is completely safe for occupied environments. Lab tests showed that the technology does not create undesirable or harmful chemicals. It is completely safe for humans, animals and plants.

What is the difference between the DXM 100 & DXM 50

Both of these products use the same 2 kill mechanisms to sanitize indoor environments but were optimized for different types of areas. The DXM 100 is designed for High carbon load areas like cultivation rooms. The DXM 50 is designed for Low carbon load areas like hallways, and people occupied spaces.

Do your products help with Powdery Mildew?

Yes. There are many variables that can cause Powdery Mildew and air quality is an important factor. ProGuard ™  sanitization technology uses an Active Kill process that sends the sanitization technology throughout the entire room to create “Pristine Air” quality that reduces mold and mildew pressure to help prevent outbreaks.

Are the DXM units easy to install or do I need a licensed contractor?

The units are very easy to install on your own and can be setup in minutes. They mount easily on a wall with a few screws and a bracket and plug into a 120V outlet for plug and play operation.

Are there any parts to maintain or replace?

Yes. The maintenance is minimal. The PCO cell should be replaced every 12 – 18 months depending on the type of commercial/industrial settings. The PCO cell is the catalyst that creates the advanced oxidation that attacks pathogens and reduces VOC’s. The Filters should be replaced about every 3 months depending on the indoor environment. The maintenance is quick and easy and can be performed in minutes. All maintenance parts can be purchased through our website.

Does the technology damage the cannabis product, terpenes, or CBDs?

NO. We have conducted extensive scientific and field testing, which validates that this technology does not damage cannabis products in any way. It does not affect the taste, fragrance, THC, Terpenes, or CBD’s in any way.

Does the technology work well in high humidity?

Yes. The technologies catalytic process utilizes oxygen and water vapor (humidity) to create the advanced oxidation. The higher the humidity, the greater the volume of oxidation will be created making the technology even more effective.

Do you ship outside the US?

Yes. We can ship anywhere outside the US. Shipping costs and lead times will vary based on the location and quantity of units. You can request a Quote by filling out the Contact form on our website.

Should you run the units all the time or do you need to turn them off periodically?

We recommend that you keep the product operating 24/7 to get continual protection for your environment. This “preventative” use of the product is the best way to maximize the efficacy of the technology.

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