The Power Enhancement System Solves Your Electrical Problems And Reduces Your Costs.

This proprietary technology solves your electrical problems and reduces your costs. It makes motors more efficient and reduces the demand on the transformer. The result is a significant reduction in your electric costs.

  1. Using magnetic chokes across each phase makes the circuits more efficient. It makes motors more efficient synchronizing the rotation with the magnetic field rotation and reduces demand on the transformer.
  2. Reduces total current and harmonics in the system, increases capability of supply to the transformer w/o changing voltage or current to the loads. Reduces kWh consumption and reduces leading current while improving the voltage waveforms.
  3. Provides “Power Factor Correction”. The P.E. System increases Power Factor and Reduces demand charges. It adds capacity to the systems electrical distribution system. P. E. Systems are superior than traditional uses of capacitors for power factor correction. There is no possibility of resonance when capacitors are used with nonlinear loads.
  4. The P.E. System provides compensation for Sags & Transients and Magnetic Chokes balance out the phase voltage & amperage. It holds up voltage during short duration brown outs. Provides Phase Balancing and storage of energy in the RCL circuit  of the Power Enhancement System.
  5. It also Provides Control of Motor Harmonics, reduces unbalanced fields within the motor stator, and reduces motor temperature. The P.E. System also increases motor efficiency by reducing lr2 losses and reduces motor distortion harmonics by 30%.

“The Medical Foundation recently purchased sensitive laser surgery equipment which we were unable to use due to excessive voltage fluctuations, surges and spikes and high harmonic content. After installing the Power Enhancement System, our equipment is now working perfectly and well within tolerance safety
David M. – Facility Manager, Facey Medical Foundation