Look What Customers Say About Energy Savings Achieved

At this rate of energy reduction, I estimate we will save over $11,900 annually. This will yield a payback of less than two years on the Power Enhancement System..    Tom Penningroth, Plant Manager, Nutrena Feeds
Since we’ve installed the Power Enhancement System at a laminating plant, our customer is no longer plagued with interruptions due to surges on their PLC equipment. The current on the line was reduced by over 20%, power factor at the main meter was corrected, and the utility bill savings will pay for the unit in only 18 months. We and our customers are very satisfied with the P.E. equipment.    Scott Delapp, Electrical Supervisor, Industrial Electrical Company
The Medical Foundation recently purchased sensitive laser surgery equipment which we were unable to use due to excessive voltage fluctuations, surges and spikes and high harmonic content. After installing the P.E. (equipment), our laser equipment is now working perfectly and well within tolerances of safety.    David Menendez, Facility Manager, Facey Medical Foundation
Our customers have experienced power sags, surges, brown outs, electrical noise, transient voltages, electrical shorts, etc., causing CNC equipment to be interrupted. We now have data to support the Power Enhancement equipment – it does everything it was guaranteed to do.    Hans Traut, GM, M.C., Machinery Systems, Division of Mitsubishi