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Our office team was very concerned about coming back to work after the COVID-19 pandemic. We installed ProGuard HVAC units throughout the office to help ensure that the workspace is effectively sanitized. We were very encouraged by the response from our staff and customers. Many have thanked us for being proactive to help protect them
James P

CEO (California)

Our Church congregation was concerned about returning after the recent pandemic. We installed the ProGuard in our HVAC system and some wall mount units in classrooms. We did some before and after testing with petri dishes and saw a significant decrease in microbial pathogens. This sold me on the fact that we did the right thing when we purchased the ProGuard products.
Pastor K

B.C. Canada

We contacted Innovative Solutions looking for a solution to sanitize our Christian School. We wanted to protect our students and staff with the COVID outbreak. The information and science they provided to us created a level of confidence that was important to the parents and everyone concerned

Ontario, Canada

We operate a large Food Processing facility for fresh produce that we sell to numerous large Big Box Retailers throughout the United States. We are very concerned with providing quality fresh products to our customers. When we heard about ProGuard we decided to test it out in one of our facilities. We were so pleaseD with the results that we have now installed it in all three of our co-packing and storage facilities.
Gene G.


We were very interested in using the ProGuard Technology to sanitize our Lab Facility. We conduct many tests that require a Sanitized Pathogen Free (SPF) environment. We have been extremely pleased with the results of using the ProGuard Bio-Security System to help protect our Lab. We are planning to expand our operation and will be adding at least two more facilities this next year. We plan to use ProGuard in every one of our Lab Facilities.
Tom L.


I am an Architect and I work with clients developing various types of facilities including offices, industrial, churches, and retail spaces. Since becoming aware of the ProGuard Technology I have recommended it to several of my clients who have installed it in their buildings. I am convinced that it is the best technology available to help reduce pollutants and pathogens to create a “clean air environment. I plan to continue recommending ProGuard to my future clients.
Dave P

Boston, MA

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