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Amazing! We do weekly air sample testing and in less than a week after installing the ProGuard units we noticed a HUGE improvement in the air quality, and we saw more than a 90% reduction in yeast & mold levels in our rooms. The ProGuard technology is a game changer!
Mike G

Operations Manager, Rhode Island

I am a huge fan of the ProGuard technology and products. Before implementing the ProGuard units in our facility we were having sporadic lab test failures but since we installed the units in our grow rooms, we have not failed any lab tests in well over a year. Our ProGuard investment more than paid for itself in our first harvest.
Travis G

COO, Nevada

We struggled with Powdery Mildew problems prior to installing the ProGuard units, but after installing the DXM 100 units in our grow rooms we made it through multiple crops without any signs of PM. I consider this a huge success for your technology and we could not be more pleased with the results!
Mike L

Head of Cultivation, Maine

In Massachusetts, we can only use 25b exempt pesticides, most of which aren’t very effective so reducing mold and mildew pressure in our large greenhouses is a constant challenge. Since installing the ProGuard DXM 100 units we haven’t had any issues with fungal pathogens and we are successfully passing our microbial lab tests. The ProGuard technology is a key component of our preventative IPM approach in all of our facilities and a big part of our success.
Sean C

GM, Massachusetts

Our lab test results from our 3000 sf. three tier flower room have shown a 95% decrease in yeast & mold levels since installing the ProGuard units. Your products are a game changer!!
Devin K

Facility Dir, New Jersey)

We often allow other growers to tour our facility and I recently was asked how we combat and control PM. I happened to be standing next to one of the ProGuard units and I pointed to it and told them that ProGuard is our primary method and that we have not had any PM issues since installing them and we won’t grow without them!
Kevin J


I have now been using the ProGuard units for a couple of years and I am happy to say that I have not had a problem with PM or Botrytis since using your products. Just knowing the ProGuard units are in my rooms give me peace of mind and helps me sleep better at night.
Heath L

Head of Cultivation , British Columbia, CA

Prior to installing the ProGuard units in our facility we were failing more than 10% of our lab tests. We tried ozone, UV and other PCO technologies and had limited success but since using ProGuard we have seen tremendous results and have passed 100% of our lab tests. Your technology was the missing piece to the puzzle
Josh P

VP Cultivation, Colorado

We completed harvesting our first run in our rooms using the ProGuard units and we are blown away by the results. We put the units in rooms that have a super dense strain that often gives us mold and PM issues but amazingly, we did not have to use any sulfur or do any spraying because the ProGuard units kept the rooms free of any issues.
Juan A

Dir of Cultivation, Puerto Rico

The ProGuard units are amazing! Our rooms have some air flow challenges and normally we see PM crop up at certain times but we’ve had NO issues since we installed the units in our rooms.
Sean S

VP Cultivation, Oklahoma

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